On May 12th I had the pleasure of joining Jessica Mozeico of Et Fille Wines for a vertical tasting of Et Fille Kalita Vineyard Pinot Noir ranging from the 2004 to the 2014 vintage with Et Fille Wine Club members. The tasting was on the second anniversary of the Et Fille Tasting Room in Newberg where my wife and daughter’s design firm Common Bond Design assisted Jessica in the Room’s design. 

It was fascinating to see and taste the evolution of the wines in both warm and cool vintages. It was hard to pick a favorite I was most pleasantly surprised with the 2007 Kalita, a vintage that has been overshadowed by the iconic 2008 vintage in Oregon. This is what Jessica had to say about the 2007 Et Fille Kalita when the wine was released. 

"This year’s Kalita brings Clint Eastwood to mind…. You see its boldness at first, but it reveals complex depth over time. The dark blackberry color leads to a multi-dimensional flavor profile. The front palate is dominated by bright red fruit, while a depth follows of chocolate and caramel.” 

As noted in the Wine Spectator Retrospective on the great 2008 vintage the Oregon Pinots are showing their “ageability.”The 2007 Et Fille Kalita Pinot still has a few years of life left. 

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